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    Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0


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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Jazz on Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:33 pm

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
    Question to discuss:
    whats going on outside??
    Stranger: Man..
    You: not much
    Stranger: It's bad outside...
    Stranger: They're swarming us right now...
    Stranger: I'm not sure if we can hold out few days longer.
    Stranger: We're out of water supplies, and food isn't any better.
    You: zombies!?!
    Stranger: How are you hanging over there?
    Stranger: Haven't you heard?
    Stranger: Some viral infection caused all infected people to a cannibalistic frenzy.
    Stranger: I've barricaded myself with my family.
    Stranger: Police is trying to handle them, but...
    You: where is the outbreak?
    Stranger: In Croatia
    Stranger: and Bosnia
    Stranger: It started yesterday.
    Stranger: We're not allowed to go outside
    You: what continent is that in?
    Stranger: Europe..
    You: are those cities?
    Stranger: No, countries
    You: I'm failing at geography right now
    Stranger: Man, I don't know how's this gonna end
    Stranger: Police is losing control
    Stranger: And army isn't bothering to come
    You: is europe east or west of asia?
    Stranger: You must be American
    Stranger has disconnected.
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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Gnome Child on Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:37 pm

    At the end I imagined a "You must be new here" picture halp I am being swallowed by shitty memes

    How meni swag is 2 meni?

    Stranger 2: ?
    Stranger 1: -No comment-
    Stranger 2: lol
    Stranger 1: SWAG- Secretly We Are Gay (I have no problem with gays)
    Stranger 2: -.-
    Stranger 1: Meni means?
    Stranger 2 has disconnected

    Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside,
    Wading through the spirits like a flood on the floor
    Gnome Child
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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Gnome Child on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:27 pm

    I have no idea what the fuck was going on here tbh

    Question to discuss:
    Kik N.U.D.E to trade nudes. Huge collection of original content. Pic for pic. Video for 10 pics.

    You: Oh boy
    You: How could I refuse that offer
    You: What about 10 pics for a video?
    You: Is this like trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
    You: Will you take my Blue Eyes White Dragon for pictures of women of colour?
    Stranger: cool guy
    Stranger: I will.
    Stranger: Take 2 Forbidden Lances, 2 Fiendish Chains and a ottomless Trap Hole for a nude.
    Stranger: I am not even kidding.
    You: Send it to me at 420 Swag Street Yolomerica, my name is Paul Beenis
    Stranger: Or.
    Stranger: I would trade a secret rare Judgement for a Lance and common Judgement.
    Stranger: Actually.
    Stranger: No.
    Stranger: That card is worth like £10.
    Stranger: It's nice to have.
    Stranger: Plus, traded my ulti Thought Ruler for that.
    Stranger: A few other cards too.
    You: Well, I'm out. Bye stranger, it was fun.
    Stranger has disconnected.

    Question to discuss:
    If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex...whats the first thing you'd do and why?

    You: What I'd normally do I guess
    Stranger: jump up and down with my big ol' titties
    You: No wait, go on omegle and post stupid shit about kik'ing me
    Stranger: hahaha
    Stranger: so true
    Stranger has disconnected.

    Question to discuss:
    Why are white girls the easiest sluts? Black guys in my University say they're easy to fuck. They're also self centered, spoiled and act like they're entitled. I've noticed this from my experience.

    I can't tell if stranger was serious or not in this next one, but oh boy

    Stranger: The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."
    You: Best response
    Stranger: You smile and think "if I just stood up and went to sit next to her.." but you don't, you look outside again. A single raindrop trickles down the window, to end its journey alone. Just like you.
    You: Das okay she was a slut anyway
    You: being white, and all
    Stranger: atleast she's not a cool guy though
    Stranger: so she's like, worth something
    Stranger: to society
    You: Black people are good slaves
    You: Also their dances are funny
    Stranger: Well ofcourse they are good slaves
    Stranger: they were made to be slaves
    Stranger: look at africa
    Stranger: show me how much cool guys achieve in independent work, no significant techonological advance, no mathematics, no sewer systems, no nothing.
    Stranger: And they had like a 500,000 year head start
    Stranger: but NOOOO
    Stranger has disconnected.

    Question to discuss:
    Can I jizz in your mouth?

    You: No, no you can not. Unless you pay.
    Stranger: Do you want to live....
    You: But I ain't cheap, I'm one of those expensive ho's
    You: Like fucking, 10 dollars for that shit or something idk
    Stranger: Don't you think that's a bit much?
    You: Nah man, I have a quality bod
    You: bitches love these stretch marks I got from birthing triplets
    Stranger: Hmm
    Stranger: Maybe it would be best not to then
    You: Anyway, PEACE.
    You have disconnected.

    Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside,
    Wading through the spirits like a flood on the floor

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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by killerhammer on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:34 pm

    SirPwnington wrote:
    Stranger 1: SWAG- Secretly We Are Gay (I have no problem with gays)
    i almost choked on my own voicebox
    Uncle Rahvin

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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Rahvin on Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:39 pm

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: Hi, this is Dan
    Stranger: o gosh?
    Stranger: really?
    Stranger: DAN?
    Stranger: i was waiting like
    Stranger: YEARS
    Stranger: for this moment
    Stranger: my mom will NEVER BELIEVE THIS SHIT
    Stranger: i am chatting with DAN
    Stranger: oke oke...i need t ocalm down..
    Stranger: aehm..
    Stranger: hi Dan..how are you?
    You: I'm alive
    Stranger: well
    You: IM ALIVE
    Stranger: how come?
    Stranger: HOW COME?
    You: Dan was on fire a while back.
    You: Got that under control tho
    Stranger: on his back?
    You: So now things are going great!
    Stranger: poor dan's back
    You: Back, hair, legs, it was all bad
    Stranger: well
    Stranger: i wish the best
    Stranger: for recovery
    Stranger: for dan
    Stranger: we all know
    Stranger: his right leg was important to him
    You: I'm fine man
    Stranger: so if it is burned
    Stranger: i dunno
    You: I'm dan the man with a meidcal plan
    Stranger: sure?
    Stranger: need any help?
    Stranger: a shoulder to cry?
    You: Naw, I got bandaids
    Stranger: SOME1 TO TRUST?
    You: Yes
    Stranger: cause i am here for ya bro
    Stranger: i am here
    You: I need to confide in you
    You: I'm not really dan.
    Stranger: wwwttttfff
    Stranger: but
    Stranger: then..MY whole WORLD
    Stranger: is shattered
    Stranger: wtf?
    You: Someone told me I was DAN
    Stranger: i was sure..
    Stranger: you were dan
    Stranger: BUT
    Stranger: you are not?
    You: And I'm here playing as DAN but I know I can't really be dan...
    Stranger: ..but.
    Stranger: but..
    You: Who was I before this happened to me
    You: What did I like
    Stranger: deep inside you..maybe..really deep
    Stranger: you are a dan
    You: Was I a dancer?
    Stranger: as we alll are dans
    Stranger: deep inside
    You: Did I enjoy photography?
    You: We're all dans... you're right about that.
    Stranger: i am left
    Stranger: btw
    Stranger: blem*
    You: You are left?
    Stranger: handed*
    You: That's fine with me.
    Stranger: well
    Stranger: i guess
    Stranger: but you know what is the bad thing?
    You: I don't even like pickles though.
    Stranger: dan would not be oke with it..
    Stranger: you are losing your way man
    Stranger: you are losing it
    You: The answer is 14.
    Stranger: nope
    Stranger: it is the root of 14
    You: I don't know how many birds can fit in that jar, what kinda birds?
    Stranger: they changed it
    Stranger: cause of the crisis
    Stranger: depends on their stripes?
    You: I have a bigger tv than him.
    Stranger: nope
    Stranger: he has a vrc
    Stranger: and i was always told
    Stranger: to be purple
    You: Don't they have 9 toes or some shit?
    Stranger: than sorry
    You: Staples, thats what I forgoet.
    Stranger: forgot*
    You: Thanks
    Stranger: you forgot how forgot is spelled*
    You: Oh shit!
    Stranger: but now..
    Stranger: i dunno
    You: I can rebuild.
    You: We can make this work
    Stranger: can you?
    Stranger: CAN WE?
    You: I'm sorry I told you everything about my life, things you never needed to know.
    You: But think of the children
    You: How will nathaniel and superfly react?
    Stranger: i can't think of children
    Stranger: they are no children anymore..dan
    You: Oh yeah that thing you did back in the day
    Stranger: for how long have you been sleeping?
    Stranger: in the cryogenesis factos?
    Stranger: years passed man
    Stranger: they are no kids anymore
    Stranger: i used to do it at night
    Stranger: that thing
    You: How long HAVE I been gone? 15years? 30? ....my whole life?
    Stranger: well
    Stranger: if it was whole life
    Stranger: you would be dead
    Stranger: so for sure not whole
    Stranger: I AIN"T GOT IT
    Stranger: AND YOU KNOW IT
    Stranger: so stop ASKING ME
    Stranger: for 88 years
    Stranger: this sauceI EVEN HATE IT
    You: WHAT? I'm fucking done with you. You never have anything
    Stranger: gosh..
    Stranger: i had 1 thing...
    You: You offered me love, a shoulder to cry on, TRUST.
    Stranger: the secret recipe
    You: And now i cant even get a bologny sandwich
    Stranger: and the pumpkins..
    Stranger: have grown dan
    Stranger: i wish you could see em
    You: The pumpkins HAVE grown haven't they?
    Stranger: they are like
    Stranger: YES
    Stranger: they have
    Stranger: but
    Stranger: you know what they say
    You: I do.
    Stranger: if a pumpkin grows
    Stranger: is means but things
    You: A dick in the ass is worth two in the bush.
    Stranger: for the crows
    Stranger: and we got no crows
    Stranger: bope
    Stranger: screw dicks and asses
    Stranger: we are talking business here
    You: No crows?
    Stranger: nope
    You: No pumpkins?
    Stranger: they all died
    You: no children?
    Stranger: mom made the msoup
    Stranger: we have soup
    Stranger: crow soup
    Stranger: wanna?
    You: ya man fo sho
    You: hook it up
    Stranger: *gives soup*
    You: *eats soup*
    Stranger: *RELAX..you gonna choke*
    You: My soul is rebuilding thanks to mom's soup.
    You: *chokes and stuff*
    Stranger: *pats on back*
    You: *coughs up bird foot*
    Stranger: *you coughed blood\*
    Stranger: *and foot*
    You: I think that thing had a talon on it
    Stranger: well
    Stranger: wtf
    Stranger: mom said
    Stranger: and it was the prise
    Stranger: good god
    You: Y'know what, mom lied to us!
    Stranger: you lucky
    Stranger: what?
    Stranger: WHAT?
    You: She said everything was going to be ok!
    Stranger: but it was not oke..
    Stranger: NOT IT DOES NOT
    Stranger: WHRE ARE THEY?
    Stranger: and the corws..
    Stranger: crows*
    You: and the kids
    Stranger: ye the sauce too
    Stranger: well the kids
    Stranger: ATE THE SAUCE
    Stranger: wtf
    Stranger: that's why noone has seen em
    Stranger: for ages
    You: Fucking school food.
    You have disconnected.

    Have you ever buried your face in your hands because noone around you understands or has the slightest Idea what it is that makes you be?
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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Kyle on Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:15 pm

    kik has fucking destroyed omegle. most of the spy mode OPs are just "kik me @ largepenishaver1999" or some shit like that
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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

    Post by Gnome Child on Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:03 pm

    Omg Rahv, that was gold

    Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside,
    Wading through the spirits like a flood on the floor

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    Re: Omegle Troll Conversations 2.0

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