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Live Text Adventure Night 9

Fri May 03, 2013 2:00 am by Alex

Occurrence: Saturday, June 1st

Any volunteers for hosting?

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    Post by Rahvin on Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:17 am

    Hey guys.

    Eminem is falling off. And its..not exactly his fault. He is an above-and-beyond lyricist, and he can rap fast, and he has pretty much mastered rap in all ways. But...

    sigh tl;dr

    He's putting out this Eminem XV thing and I've listened to the new songs, and yes he kills it...but he kills it too emotionless. He's not in it, he's just putting words together. Let's walk down his life.

    When he rapped you could hear that he was putting some effort in, but that he didn't anticipate to it take him to the level that he's at, he was just having fun and shit. Its like, when you go to Taco Bell, and that dude is having fun and laughing you're also having fun and laughing. You both know the guy is prolly going nowhere fast, might as well have fun.

    Slim Shady EP/LP: 
    Eminem's first CD didn't smash like he thought it would, so when dre heard him at a battle he grabbed his rap by the balls and decided that any publicity is good publicity. He went hard on celebrities because that's all he saw, he was a normal guy looking up at the world and hating people for being famous for nothing other than them being them. He murdered them for having what he didn't, when he cared so much and it seemed like they didn't care.

    Marshall Mathers 1:
    He was established, but he was still young and embracing fame. He tried his hand at singing a bit in this album. At this point he only drank and smoked weed and ate mushrooms and LSD sometimes. He'd do coke at parties wasn't into it that much.. Basically what your pal Rahv did from 20-24, and he and D-12 were rapidly approaching their fame while not knowing how to handle it. A lot of them did lots of worse drugs and were intoxicated with fame and money the entire time. Hence:

    The Eminem Show:
    Eminem was angry because people hated him for being famous, like he hated on celebs when he was the not-famous person. But now he's on drugs, and he's living the good life, so he said "fuck you" to a lot of people, and when he was doing this he was working on his flow and making it work with songs. He also made a lot of pop songs where he sang and was appealing to the younger crowd, and we were listening to the radio regularly waiting for him to show back up. So many albums came out back to back.

    This was around the time he made a movie about his life, and he knows that the world wants to know more about him. Eminem reaches the peak of his career around Encore, and he makes his songs about politics, about nothing, and he is addicted to prescription drugs at this point. During the filming of 8-mile he was doing 14-18 hour days and had a hard time sleeping, someone gave him an ambien and it did the job. Welcome to pharms, Em. He was known to take 40 valium and like 20 vicodin. Vicodin comes with a lot of tylenol in it, in fact its mostly acetaminophen(tylenol) so he moved on to methadone which is an opiate like vicodin, but without the liver damage. Shortly after the release of Encore eminem was found on his bathroom floor. This is where things changed..

    He took a few years off...

    Eminem is shaky, he's trying to find out who he is as a person without drugs because it's been like 5-6 years of addiction. He doesn't know who he is sober. He knows that shocking things got him noticed, so he raps about killing things and goes into extreme detail because shock is what he knows. He tries to attack celebrities, but he doesn't even have confidence in himself. When he was younger, he had that confidence because he thought he was perfect while knowing he wasn't perfect. Its a weird place to be. He put out the refill where he had: drake, kanye, and lil wayne...he tried to get everyone who was famous at the time to be on his album regardless of skill. The only songs the world noticed had Dre in them..Was it Em or Dre that made those songs famous? Eminem questioned this.

    During the recovery part of his life he was trying to reestablish himself as a player in the rap game and instead of going for ALL the famous people he focused on what he does well, which is telling stories and doing heartbreaking songs with female singers. Rihanna and Em combined forces to make one hit single from the CD, and that's all it did. People heard that song, bought the CD and were disappointed. I'm Stan, I loved recovery. 

    Bad Meets Evil: 
    Eminem was finally starting to get a feel for who he was sober, and he did an entire album with his oldskoo friend who made an appearance on Slim Shady EP, Royce Da 5'9.

    Royce and Em flow together and have a good time, and that makes Eminem feel like he was doing a good job because all he does anymore at this point is rap. He raps day and night, he probably talks to people in rap form during and after this album. I think Eminem no longer has genuine confidence thinking he's the shit...he is deluded to think he is the best and that everything he says is the shit.

    Marshall Mathers LP2:
    Oh Em.


    I love this album, because I am Stan...I just shake my head. Ok, so Eminem used to think he was invincible, right? Like a child who has never been really hurt. He used to jump off shit and touch stoves...he set fires...he didn't consider consequences. 

    Eminem today has almost died, and experienced loss in his life(his bff proof died about the time his drug problem started, surprise surprise). He considers mortality. He is calculated when he speaks, he rewrites verses over and over to put in who he wants to call out. He's not even spitting to a beat, he's just talking crazy the entire time. Reciting.

    He recites poetry to the beat like snoop dogg does nowadays. Snoop used to have flow, Em used to have flow. The rapper should flow with the beat, not flow on their own and let the beat just play in the background doing its own thing.

    Shady XV:
    I've been listening to this, and its just...well....I think Eminem feels he has something to prove. He raps crazy fast in like every song, and I love some fast rapping. Twista, Tech N9ne, Busta, Immortal Technique, etc, they all have great fast raps.

    I understand rap god was like kinda cool, but don't do that for every song...c'mon...go back to telling stories. He focuses so much on rapping fast that he ignore the quality of the story. The stories are no longer anything I can relate to... Eminem was the guy I could relate to, I could at least enjoy feeling the way he felt in Encore because he was having a great time.

    Now he's sad, he's speed-rapping constantly, and trying to tell some kind of story in there, but there's no funny at all. He used to be hilarious, but now its just brutal attacks or songs about how nobody can do what he does...

    I'm still Stan. I'll love it someday...
    was gonna say something else, but i forgot. lucky you

    Have you ever buried your face in your hands because noone around you understands or has the slightest Idea what it is that makes you be?
    Eminem doe Rahvin10

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