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    Aktve's less meta metatravel thread


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    Aktve's less meta metatravel thread

    Post by Aktve on Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:46 am

    Travel thread?

    Today I went to LA to go to a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It was simply THE BEST. I've gone once before in like 2010 but this was on a completely different level. If you don't know, CraigyFerg will be handing the show off to a new host after this season so I knew that I had to go once more before he was gone. It took about 2 hours of standing in random lines until we got into the studio to be seated, then another 30 minutes with a warmup comedian/hypeman (Bob) to get us into the groove. I was clapping and hollering the loudest I could and it proved fruitful.

    Before the show began Bob asked one half of the audience to give him a "10" as far as laughter/enthusiasm goes, and he chose a girl from that side to go onto the stage (the actual stage Craig stands on!). He then emphatically asks our side of the audience to do the same and I bolt up as quick as I can and begin shouting my lungs out. As soon as I stand I can tell he saw me, though as he walks up the stairs towards the audience he's looking away and then BOOM I get chosen hell yes. I make my way down to the stage and I am completely nervous.

    Standing in front of 150 people in the audience is quite daunting tbh. He asks the girl her name first and blah blah and then he asks me and blah blah. Since The Price is Right is filmed directly below the stage we were in, he decides to give us a game to play to win a t-shirt. At this time there is a man sweeping the stage, and Bob asks us what we think his secret talent is. Is it 1: He can do a double backflip, 2: He can moonwalk, or 3: He can play the harmonica (mouth organ). He asks us to confer with each other and when he does the song that plays on Price is Right when people are looking to the audience for prices starts playing lol. I ask her what she thinks (without even realizing that the entire audience in studio is shouting and throwing numbers at us) and as we both look up we see nothing but twos and threes. We both agree that it should be number 3 (though 2 would be amazing) and she gives him the answer that we think he can play the harmonica.

    Unfortunately, we were wrong...Bob tells us that the sweeper can actually double backflip :( He prepares and soon enough he does it! Only that doing a double backflip to him constitutes flipping two middle fingers behind the back lol. So Bob insists that he can moonwalk, and as Michael Jackson starts playing through the speakers, he really does it! So we were wrong again. Bob then instructs the audience to give the sweeper a beat so that he can show off his immaculate harmonica skills, which he does in an amazing fashion. One out of three is not terrible! We should have known that it would be all three...

    Thankfully, although we got 2/3 wrong, we still got to win! Bob was super dope and brought out two shirts (one for each of us) and we thanked him and thanked each other. She was asian by the way so that makes sense for me I guess lol. So basically we each walked away with exclusive shirts that no one else in the audience got. It was completely surreal to be under that many lights and in front of that many people, my heart was beating out of my chest no doubt.

    The rest of the show was amazing, of course at tapings you kind of have to feign laughter, but at least Ferguson is funny enough to make most of it real. Seriously gonna miss that dude on late night TV, he's the best I've ever seen/watched, his humor just cracks me up. Also one of the guests was an author so all of the audience got a copy of one of his books which has now been made into a film! Seriously a great day, couldn't ask for anything more. Except...well, nevermind.

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