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Live Text Adventure Night 9

Fri May 03, 2013 2:00 am by Alex

Occurrence: Saturday, June 1st

Any volunteers for hosting?

    Quest To Catch The #booty


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    Quest To Catch The #booty

    Post by LevelAktveIsRahvin on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:37 pm

    READ ME:
    First of all, I would like to welcome to you #bootyquest2013. I intend to actually GO THROUGH WITH THIS, so I would appreciate it if we could keep the thread clean and neat. No unrelated posts. Secondly, I would like it if you read the following references and rules, as they are vital to participating.


    In order for a command to be valid, it must meet the following requirements:
    1. Begins with an ">"
    2. Does not end with any sort of punctuation
    3. Display a clear action (limited to 1 per ">")
    4. Include #hashtags and bold text when necessary
    The following is an example of a valid command
    >grab the #booty
    The following is an example of an invalid command
    >grab the booty.
    Hastags and bold text
    In #bootyquest2013, hashtags and bold text are used to differentiate  the use of #nouns and verbs. All nouns must begin with a hashtag, and all verbs must be bold text. A command can contain both hashtags and bold text. Remember that to use a hashtag correctly, there must be no punctuation or spaces between words. Names of people you meet do NOT require a hashtag.
    The following is an example of a valid hashtag
    The following is an example of an invalid hashtag
    #Bootyquest 2013
    The following is an example of a complete command using both hashtags and bold text
    >grab the #booty and give it a squeeze

    The Booty
    The Booty represents many things. Throughout #bootyquest2013, the term "Booty" will be used a lot. It is important to differentiate the usage of "Booty", #booty, and #booty.
    Capturing The Booty is your ultimate goal in #bootyquest2013. In this relationship, The Booty represents your quest completion meter. When speaking of The Booty as your goal, you do not want to treat it as a #bootyquest2013 noun. Instead, you want to treat it as a title and capitalize the first letters of each word.
    #booty simply represents any butt that is NOT your rival's. It is a normal noun and should begin with a hashtag as such.
    #booty is the entity that you are actively trying to capture. It represents both your rival AND her butt. They are one. When speaking of your Rival, you must type "#booty' in bold text. The #booty is the most important character in #bootyquest2013, which is why we want to make it clear when you are speaking about her (it).
    This is an example of what a normal post in #bootyquest2013 may look like
    It has been 3 days since you began your quest for The Booty, and you have yet to touch a single butt. You are frustrated.
    >walk up to Clair and grab her #booty
    It calms you down, but you still have a burning passion in your heart to capture the #booty.

    So with THAT out of the way, let us begin. You are a 16-year-old male who goes by the name "Ass Ketcha". You have just completed you move into #littletoot and are looking for ADVENTURE. What will you do?

    Gnome Child
    Rotary Dial

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    Re: Quest To Catch The #booty

    Post by Gnome Child on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:43 pm

    >walk down to the #tinymonsterprofessorslab

    Don't forget the way she pushed the water inside,
    Wading through the spirits like a flood on the floor


    Re: Quest To Catch The #booty

    Post by Guest on Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:12 am

    don't go into the tall grass yet tho

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    Re: Quest To Catch The #booty

    Post by Sponsored content

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