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    Favorite Actor

    Uncle Rahvin

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    Favorite Actor

    Post by Rahvin on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:40 am

    I've been watching the final Batman movie..well..the final one in the Christian Bale series. This brings me to one of my top favorite actors of all time:

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    This man has played many parts that I loved dearly.

    My favorite Michael Caine film was Muppet's Christmas Carol where he played scrooge.
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    As a younger boy my mom bought me Muppet's Christmas Carol, and it was so much my favorite movie that I'd watch it when it wasn't Xmas. I loved watching it, and watched it so many times I wore the tape out(the old man equiv of scratching a dvd too much) and she had to buy me a new one. As a married adult my wife obviously knows my loves and disloves, so every Christmas eve she gives me a new copy of Muppet's Christmas Carol. Because she loves me she and lives with me she knows I lose CDs in a major way, meaning she knows that I lost last year's copy already. I should have about 7 copies of that movie by now, but I don't know where any 7 are right now. Hopefully I find it by (SPOILER ALERT)July 24th(/SPOILER ALERT) so that I can watch it when it is appropriate. Michael Caine is, and always will be, my scrooge.

    My second favorite Michael Caine character was in Secondhand Lions.

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    Michael Caine played an awesome old man in this, and I was quite the fan of the duo that he and Robert Duvall did in creating this world. The AI kid was pretty good in the movie as well, but this is def a feel good movie and Michael Caine has that "make your heart feel" look in his eyes. When he looks at the camera and gives a smile I can't help but smile.

    This is all I can think to say about Michael Caine for right now. I just received some strange news to be delivered in Pro Forum General because Aktve can't read the Pro Forum and this is pertinent to his situation. Because he's one of my best friends.

    Anyway, that other thread has nothing to do with this, so to keep this thread from derailing in the OP I ask you: Who is your favorite actor throughout movies, which movies did you like them best in, and why?

    I may gush on about Michael Caine again the future, if so I'll update the OP and remove the spoiler.

    Have you ever buried your face in your hands because noone around you understands or has the slightest Idea what it is that makes you be?
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