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    Do you drive? What's your favorite memory of driving?

    Uncle Rahvin

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    Re: Do you drive? What's your favorite memory of driving?

    Post by Rahvin on Fri May 31, 2013 5:55 am

    My favorite memory of driving is when I first fishtailed with my grandpa in the car. I haven't fishtailed since, but it was a good fun learning exercise.

    Have you ever buried your face in your hands because noone around you understands or has the slightest Idea what it is that makes you be?

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    Re: Do you drive? What's your favorite memory of driving?

    Post by TITAN on Fri May 31, 2013 4:21 pm

    2rd wrote:
    Aktve wrote:Don't most places give free water though? Or was it just what you said that was amusing?

    I like sometimes or at least when I was younger we would go skating late at night and skate through the drive through and ask for free shit, sometimes we would get it

    It's that road rage comment. Today's me would think that's crazy... having worked in fast food for 3 years I know that the person taking my order doesn't give 1 flying fuck why i want the free water, just order your water, take it for free, and get the fuck outta my drivethru. No backstory or justifications necessary.

    I'd give someone as much water as they needed if they said that. I'm not sure if that makes me a bad person or a good person. Iunno.


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    Re: Do you drive? What's your favorite memory of driving?

    Post by Aktve on Fri May 31, 2013 9:07 pm

    I was just retelling this story today. I was up in Mammoth during winter visiting my uncle, you know to go snowboarding and such. He worked at June mountain which is idk maybe like an hour from Mammoth. I was in the car with him and his coworker and we were steady mobbin. It was snowing out and cold as fuck. Soon enough we are what seems to be alone on the road and everything turns white. We could not tell north from south or right from left. We were caught in a whiteout. The driver acted like he could still see but soon enough BOOM! We are stop dead in our tracks. We assess the situation and determine that we may have either hit another car or hit an embankment. After what seems like forever the whiteout passes and we find ourselves about 20 yards off the road slammed into a snow embankment. Luckily it was mostly powder so the car didn't have much damage. We have to dig the car out of the snow and push it back onto the road. Finally we manage to get it back onto the pavement and continue on our way.

    Probably the closest I've come to dying in a car it was weird.

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    Re: Do you drive? What's your favorite memory of driving?

    Post by Sponsored content

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