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Live Text Adventure Night 9

Fri May 03, 2013 2:00 am by Alex

Occurrence: Saturday, June 1st

Any volunteers for hosting?

    Live Text Adventure night 3

    Master of Ceremonies

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    Live Text Adventure night 3

    Post by Alex

    (Not necessarily in order)
    1. Either Obesity Quest (continuation of story, no parts to it as it's probably going to be a short one), Ugandan Dicklord part 2, or Evangeliquest (continuation of part 1)
    2. Get Laughs Or Die Trying
    3. IRCRPG Part 2?
    4+. Open

    Once I stop believing myself when I say I'm going to make a flash for The Hoefather, I might continue it in this format too and release image updates when necessary.

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    That's alright; I decline.

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    Post on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:32 pm by Kyle

    i was there from 20:55 cdt to 23:02 cdt

    so yeah i was an hour late but you could have waited

    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:03 am by Alex


    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:08 am by Kyle

    what? but it's tuesday i have work and shit

    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:11 am by Alex


    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:26 am by grimAuxiliatrix

    is there going to be white women?

    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:16 am by Alex

    fiddy percent white women

    Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:19 am by Gnome Child

    > Get ye log
    [13:36] <@Tateos> because this album is a beautiful pile of semen
    [13:37] <@Tateos> okay
    [13:37] <@jon> what kind of description for anything is that
    [13:37] <@Tateos> the raving, obsessive kind
    [13:37] <@Tateos> Begin UGANDAN DICKLORD PART 2
    [13:37] so we're rping as a level 6 blood mage or what
    [13:38] well I guess if it ugandan I can settle on juju
    [13:38] <@Tateos> Go here for part 1: http://pastebin.com/Ap3PhR7g
    01[13:38] <+SirPwn> Back
    [13:38] <@jon> "Log helpfully contributed by Sir Pwnington, unnamed messages are made by him. Ugly characters mark colors because the logs in mIRC are retarded."
    [13:40] okay
    [13:40] <@jon> i will make sure to contribute logs now and forever
    [13:40] <@Tateos> It has been 3 years since that faithful night. You have spent your time since that day helping the woman that you now affectionatly refer to as "Filthy Old Ho," or sometimes just "Gramma."
    [13:40] <@jon> i call my grandmother a filthy olf ho too
    01[13:40] <+SirPwn> Damn, I tried to get rid of most of the color number thingeys
    [13:40] <@jon> old*
    [13:40] <@Tateos> You live on an island with Filthy Old Ho away from the ugly, corrupt world that ostracized you and tore you away from all that you love.
    [13:40] <@jon> xchat removes them entirely
    01[13:41] <+SirPwn> ((ALso, AJ's name doesn't show up on the logs either??))
    [13:41] <@Tateos> Your penis is still incredibly difficult to conceal, and you do occasionally fear that it may be seen by helicopters as a large pole in the distance.
    [13:41] <@jon> but it puts the logs in a .txt
    06[13:41] * klik does something stupid
    [13:42] <@Tateos> Right now, Filthy Old Ho has you on an arrand. You are to pick out some coconuts for her to make soup.
    [13:42] errand*
    [13:42] <@jon> errand*
    [13:42] <@jon> tateoz u r banned 4 bad gramer
    [13:42] >pick out some coconuts
    [13:43] <@Tateos> You exit the hut, and ignore the voices in your head trying to convince you that a spelling error is the same as bad grammar.
    [13:43] <@jon> > Do an NMH2 style side job involving coconuts
    [13:43] >bring that ho a shark back instead
    [13:43] <@Tateos> You see some palm trees up NORTH.
    [13:44] <@Tateos> To the SOUTH is the hut, and the island unknown.
    [13:44] >go south
    [13:44] <@Tateos> To the EAST is more island, and to the WEST is the ocean.
    [13:44] >south man
    [13:44] <@Tateos> What do you do/where do you go?
    [13:44] >south
    [13:45] <@jon> e
    [13:45] <@Tateos> Err
    [13:45] don't you dare go east
    [13:45] <@Tateos> South is not specific. South as in to the hut, or to the parts of the island unknown?
    01[13:45] <+SirPwn> > North
    [13:45] <@jon> well where the fuck are you gonna find coconuts in the ocean
    [13:46] <@jon> eastman
    [13:46] the huts
    [13:46] ze huts
    [13:46] natives have dem coconuts
    [13:46] <@jon> what if you accidentally fuck a native to death
    01[13:47] <+SirPwn> No south is THE hut. With the old lady
    [13:47] <@Tateos> You go east, to more island. You love this area, actually. It's filled with a bunch of COCONUT TREES.
    [13:47] mother fucker
    [13:47] <@jon> how fucking convenient
    [13:47] <@Tateos> It also has your stash of METHAMPHETAMINE, LSD, PORN, and GRENADES. What a great combination!
    [13:47] oh
    [13:47] ugh
    01[13:47] <+SirPwn> > Get ye LSD
    [13:47] I knew that
    [13:47] <@jon> >take coconuts from trees, also drugs and shit
    [13:48] >take a grenade, take a cocunut, break open the coconut, drink the milk, pull out the pin and put the grenade in the coconut
    [13:48] <@jon> you cannot get ye flask i mean lsd
    [13:48] <@Tateos> You get the DRUGS and fill your pack with your piles of horse manuer.
    [13:48] don't forget miss october
    01[13:48] <+SirPwn> > Punch a coconut tree
    [13:48] <@Tateos> you also misspell various different words for the sake of sheer happiness.
    [13:48] <@jon> yes, i totally wanted you to get literal shit
    [13:48] you forgot the porn man
    [13:49] <@jon> games of the 70s have terrible parsing
    [13:49] the porn
    [13:49] <@Tateos> You aren't sure how to get coconuts, so you just draw dicks in the sand.
    [13:49] >take a grenade, take a cocunut, break open the coconut, drink the milk, pull out the pin and put the grenade in the coconut
    [13:49] <@jon> climb tree, get coconut
    [13:49] that's a thing i actually want to do irl, put a grenade in a coconut
    [13:49] >masturbate to miss october
    [13:49] <@Tateos> You begin to climb a coconut tree, but you slip and fall, tearing your dick on the tree.
    [13:49] <@jon> wow we are doing so great...
    [13:50] we're fine
    [13:50] now
    [13:50] <@Tateos> Looks like more stitches from Filthy Old Ho
    [13:50] >put hand on cock area
    [13:50] <@Tateos> Now what? You don't want to climb again, for fear of tearing your penis.
    [13:50] <@jon> the cock area covers 9999 cubic meters
    [13:50] <@Tateos> How do you get those coconuts?
    [13:51] throw you convient CD copy of kid A at it
    01[13:52] <+SirPwn> > PUNCH THE TREE LIKE I SAID BEFORE
    [13:52] <@jon> slap them off with your dick?
    [13:52] <@jon> really i'm just thinking as dumb as possible
    [13:52] <@Tateos> In your pack you have PORN, LSD, METHAMPHETAMINE, GRENADES, and PILES AND PILES OF SHIT.
    [13:53] <@jon> this aint meincruft
    [13:53] <@Tateos> You punch the tree, breaking your left fist.
    [13:53] >wrap fist in porn bandages
    [13:53] <@Tateos> Good thing you're ambidexterous, or however you believe that word is spelled.
    [13:53] <@jon> ambidextrous
    [13:53] <@jon> one unnecessary e
    [13:53] <@Tateos> You wrap Miss December around your hand.
    [13:53] <@Tateos> You love Miss December.
    [13:53] <@jon> good for you
    [13:53] <@Tateos> You and Miss December will be together. Forever,'
    [13:53] <@Tateos> And ever.
    [13:53] <@Tateos> And ever.
    [13:54] <@Tateos> And ever.
    [13:54] <@Tateos> And ever.,
    [13:54] <@jon> >find miss december and rape her
    [13:54] >throw piles of shit at coconuts
    [13:54] Is this now a mission to sexually harass miss december
    [13:54] <@Tateos> Impossible right now, what with your dick bleeding into the sand
    [13:54] <@Tateos> You still need to get coconuts for Filthy Old Ho.
    01[13:55] <+SirPwn> > Run further away from the tree, use a grenade on it
    [13:55] <@jon> how do you make an infinite loop in c++
    [13:55] <@jon> to print "And ever" infinitely
    [13:55] <@Tateos> You have PORN, DRUGS, GRENADES, and SHIT
    [13:55] >throws piles and piles of shit at coconuts
    03[13:56] * Retrieving #hello-operator modes...
    [13:57] <@jon> we are so productive
    [13:57] <@jon> in there past 15 minutes we ripped our dick open
    [13:57] <@jon> these*
    [13:57] <@Tateos> You throw piles and piles of shit at the cocnut tree, yeilding results!
    [13:57] <@Tateos> It's raining shit and coconuts!
    [13:57] never though I see the day
    [13:57] thought
    [13:57] <@Tateos> You pick up 10 coconuts and put them in your pack.
    [13:57] >pull pin on grenade and put it in a coconut
    [13:57] <@Tateos> i acutally wanted to do the grenade one, but then i decided against killing the old lady's food supply
    [13:57] >look around in bag to see what kind of shit it is
    [13:57] <@jon> tateos said it was horse manure didnt he?
    [13:57] <@Tateos> It's defintiely a combination of horse shit and rat feces.
    01[13:58] <+SirPwn> Everything's lagging REALLYbadly for me btw
    [13:58] >go back to hut and kill ol hoe with the grenade
    [13:58] <@jon> IRC is lagging for you?
    [13:58] <@Tateos> You take Filthy Old Ho's finest hoe behind the shed and grenade it to death.
    [13:58] <@jon> jesus christ
    [13:58] <@jon> your internet is terrible
    [14:00] <@Tateos> You hear Filthy Old Ho scream and ask you what the hell you're doing
    [14:00] >acquire xp points
    [14:00] >before she sees
    [14:00] <@jon> if text takes a while to get across the wuhrld
    [14:00] <@Tateos> You grab the XP points
    [14:00] <@Tateos> Man, it sure is a great thing that you didn't take your Schizofrenia medication today!
    01[14:01] <+SirPwn> I thnk it's because the weather's shit right now
    [14:01] >become the 21st century schizoid man
    [14:02] <@Tateos> You have your coconuts. You're supposed to bring them to Filthy Old Ho. What do you do?
    [14:02] >deliver coconuts
    [14:02] >and then slap it out of her hands and choke her
    [14:02] <@jon> this is unrealted but i'm going to sleep soon
    01[14:02] <+SirPwn> > Give her the fucking coconuts
    [14:02] <@jon> "You mad bro? YOU mad BRO? YoU MaD BrO?????? User loses posting privileges for 1 day."
    [14:02] <@jon> abyways because of that you guys are free to continue
    [14:02] <@jon> anyways*
    [14:02] <@Tateos> You deliver the coconuts, and spend hours while she tries to communicate "Go play outside you crazy motherfucker" to you via cherades.
    [14:02] <@jon> i will maintain my sleep schedule now.
    [14:02] <@Tateos> Now what?
    01[14:03] <+SirPwn> 'Night jon
    [14:03] http://i.imgur.com/q1Dhs.jpg
    [14:03] >kill elephants
    [14:03] <@jon> > play outside, you crazy motherfucker
    [14:03] <@Tateos> bye hectic
    [14:03] <@jon> bye
    03[14:03] * jon is now known as jon_a
    [14:04] <@Tateos> You play outside like a crazy motherfucker.
    [14:04] <@jon_a> also has anyone ever read my irc shenenigans thread
    [14:04] <@jon_a> before i actually leave i need to attention whore
    [14:04] i've skimmed it
    [14:04] as i skim most threads
    01[14:05] <+SirPwn> I've read it
    [14:05] <@Tateos> Maybe you should head SOUTH.
    01[14:05] <+SirPwn> > Yeah go south
    [14:05] <@Tateos> I think I read it
    [14:07] <@jon_a> type /join #gtfo
    [14:07] <@jon_a> ok bye
    [14:07] <@Tateos> You go south, and find yourself in the middle of a jungle. Keep heading south?
    [14:07] >keep going
    [14:07] <@Tateos> You keep going, and find yourself at the entrance of a desert. Damn, this is one bigass island. Keep heading SOUTH?
    [14:08] >keep going
    [14:09] it keeps happening
    [14:09] <@Tateos> You keep going, and find yourself in the middle of a cactus field. Keep going?
    [14:09] >krrp going
    [14:09] eh
    01[14:10] <+SirPwn> > keeeeeep going
    [14:10] <@Tateos> You keep going, and as you get thirstier and thirstier, you begin to see an OASIS on the horizon. Approach the OASIS?
    01[14:10] <+SirPwn> > Yes
    [14:11] <@Tateos> You approach the OASIS, and it begins to glow a bright aqua blue. It seems to be beckoning for you to come in.
    01[14:12] <+SirPwn> > Driiiink
    [14:12] <@Tateos> Jump into the OASIS?
    [14:12] >jump in like a little school girl
    [14:13] <@Tateos> You jump in like a crazy ass little school girl, and find yourself sinking down towards the bottom of a deep trench. The OASIS grows brighter and brighter. Your vision begins to blur and fade away, and you hear an echoing voice saying SLEEP. You drift into unconciousness.
    [14:15] <@Tateos> END OF UGANDAN DICKLORD PART 2.
    [14:15] <@Tateos> okeedoke.
    [14:15] MAN

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